Kaiserstraße 2 - 4  1070 Wien      Eröffnung  12 Jänner     Dauer 13 - 31 Jänner    Öffnungszeiten:  DO -  Fr - Sa    14:00 - 19 Uhr

TISCH: "FÜR ALLE FÄLLE"/ Gefüllte Konservendosen, Glasplatte, Ablaufdatum 2021/ Foto: Oliver Schuh
PERFORMANCE: Mara Niang, Milan Mijalkovic. Foto: Oliver Schuh

Perception and emotion, dynamics and material, complexion and simplicity – every artist finds his own way of approaching art and has his own source of inspiration. Noémi Kiss is a contemporary artist, combining emotions, places, patterns and architecture to create colorful and authentic spatial designs that are individually integrated into their intended location.
During her exhibition in the Ruby Marie Event Space, Noémi Kiss will be showcasing some of her recent work and designs, including the yellow brushstroke spatial design that impresses through its bright color and dimensions. Another highlight will be the gilded kilim carpet with a special light installation making the construction shine brightly in the dark winter days.
An opening event as well as a finissage will let all visitors in on some of the artistic secrets behind the installations, with speeches and networking possibilities with Noémi Kiss and other industry influencers. A wine tasting and snacks will be prepared to accompany the opening event and Florian Schindler-Strauss will be holding an opening speech.