July 24 -  August 8    2023  Messehalle 9 4600 Wels 

International Art Symposium


Artists in Residence: Celyn Bricker, Christine Bauer, Herbert Egger, Camille Holowka, Mark Jeffreys, Noémi Kiss, Juan Olivares, Mery Sales, Johann Wimmer, Chen Xi

I  A M   B O R N   F R E E

 Foto: Pilo Pichler

 Foto: Johann Wimmer

"Our aim is to provide a platform for artists from different countries and cultures to meet visitors interested in art. The impact of art on the society is based on multiplication by committed people who are inspired by art projects. In this cross-border Art symposium current questions are asked and interpreted by painting, culpture, drawing, photography and installation. The ART DIAGONALE offers the interaction with the audience. It arouses interest in the new, dares to look over the fence into the unknown. Artists overcome barriers, they are sensitive seismographs ofsocial trends. With their works, they reduce reservations and cultivate multilateral contacts."  Planning and Organization Herbert Egger, Christine Bauer